1711 - The Siege

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Bergús’ Rector

Of this character we have a documented record, specifically through a manuscript document written by himself which he started to redact the January of 1712, saying that the French troops had burned his entire file and all his goods that he had inside the parish. Bergús’ rector kept hiding in the forest since the Bourbons of Count Muret arrived, but once he came back he recorded the damage caused in the area.

His voice could be used to learn more about other compiled and documented experiences of countrymen that left it written and that the rector knew. He also explained the history of a guide, Solà de Riner, the only record we have from whom is that the empress rewarded him with an annuity pay as a hero of war, to accomplish his risky task in such an efficient way.

Furthermore, we know that Cardona was left completely empty two days before the entrance of the Bourbon (in the castle people had time to provide themselves with enough food, water, ammunition and rocks). When Muret attacked the village he just found military. The dwellers had escaped to the forest, and Bergús’ rector can tell us about the experiences we will discover as the investigation goes on. Actually, we are investigating about a possible messenger who regulated correspondence, probably coded, to keep contact in between Starhemberg and Count of Eck.

Joan Pau Casals

We don’t know much about him but we have been investigating. Official with military grade of quartermaster (a foreman with more organizational skills), it looks like he led a group of local voluntaries for the castle’s defense.

Pere Alba i Marquès

Political governor of the village and Duchy of Cardona (equivalent to a mayor), in charge of sending the young armed citizens to the front. During the siege he stays inside the castle giving support in the coordination and supply to Manuel Desvalls.

Owner of Palà de Coma

Farmer and wealthy landowner who has to abandon his farmhouse (located in Clot de la Coma) and records some experiences in a manuscript dairy. The original is conserved.

Notary Josep de Rúbies

He was the treasurer of the Duchy of Cardona during the years of the Succession War. He recorded the income and expenses of the treasury in previous and posterior times to Cardona’s siege. Through his manuals we know the damage the Bourbons and the Austrians caused to the castle.

Joan Cererols, farmer

In the diary from this farmer from Cererols (Súria) we find the general information about the siege and the pace of the Austrian troops nearby Súria (17km from Cardona).