1711 - The Siege

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The project

This project about the siege of Cardona of 1711 was propelled by E2S, a communication company from Cardona. It is a nonprofit project that we initiated in 2008 and of which we have financed its investigation (by the doctor specialized in Modern History Francesc Serra) and all the cost that it could generate. We haven’t had any help or public subvention during this research; it has been a private and altruist initiative.

Our intention has always been of spreading this episode in the widest range possible, until now much unknown to the public but at the same time really essential to understand Catalonia’s history. To obtain this expected diffusion we have thought that the best way to go would be the television, therefore in 2009, we undertook and adventure of a documental with the best partner that we could find: Lavinia Productora, which, since the first moment, welcomed and supported the project and E2S.

In collaboration of our own production company (E2S Productora), Lavinia Productora assumes the executive production of a Televisió de Catalunya’s documental, which will be emitted in the special TV-schedule of September the 11th of this 2012. TV3 (Catalonia’s Televison) has always believed in this story, but the current economic context and the difficulty of finding other co-producers has lengthened the waiting. Finally, the documental will be a reality, and will reinforce Cardona’s role during the Succession War and as a symbol of freedom.

We are planning on the edition of a book, and we are now developing together with Cardona’s Town Hall a project of signalization of the scenarios of the siege in order to search funding for a future Route of the Siege.

In short, this project pretends to highlight the value of the heroic deed that happened 300 years ago, because the siege of Cardona goes beyond epic. The story of a thousand men who fiercely defended this historical Catalan fortress proves that any little gesture can change the world.

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