1711 - The Siege

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Economic data from back in the time

  • Thank to Cardona’s Tresurer we today know the money that was deposited or paid due the siege.
  • After the siege of 1711, the damage caused in Cardona’s castle was recorded. Josep de Rúbies, treasurer of the Cardona’s Duchy and administrator of the salt incomes, counted a total of 9.185 ”lliures”, 18 “sous” and 4 “diners” as far as construction goes, financed by the salt incomes, the municipal treasury, as well as by the Secretary of State, of War and of Royal Patrimony, among others. Today, the reparation would be equivalent to half a million Euros.
  • From February to September of 1712 they started to take and repair riffles of Cardona’s Castle. In total they repaired 1.168 riffles for 18 “sous” each one.
  • Inventory of items of March of 1712: 13 cannons, 4 bronze mortars, 4 “Mansfelt” cannons , two gizzards and two iron cannons, 4 riffles, 136 carabineers, 209 arquebuses, 713 guns, 12.438 kg of gunpowder, 7.404 kg of gun bullets, 624 kg of muskets, 582 kg of harquebus, 4.000 fire stones, 4.526 cannon projectiles and 3.424 hand grenades, called “magranes” in Catalan.
  • SALARIES: It is risky to give an equivalence of a “lliure” in Euros. It is not sure but probably 1 “lliura” would be equivalent to 50 Euros.

    • Manuel Desvalls i de Vergós, governor of the castle: 140 “lliures” per month (today, about 7.000 Euros).
    • Pere Alba I Marquès, political governor of Cardona’s Duchy: 25 “lliures” per month.
    • Josep de Rúbies, treasurer and tax attorney: 27 “lliures” and 5 “sous” per month.
  • Antoni Desvalls, marquis of Poal, brother of the castle’s governor: 84 “lliures” per month.

Beside the salaries and effectives, it is recorded that people cut firewood and gave cattle to the castle, as well as other gifts to the officials, who also enjoyed commercial favors from the village.