1711 - The Siege

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"300 years ago, Cardona lengthened
'la Guerra de Successió (the Succession War) until 1714.


The siege of 1711 is the story of a little fortress which resisted an assault made by the world’s most powerful army during one of the coldest autumns in the XVIII century, being accused of inferiority in number of troops, wherewithal and food sources. Is the experience of a civil population hidden in the woods, many of whom invisibly collaborated with the allied forces; of a fearsome army to the point of desperation due the hunger, the coldness and the perseverance of the defenders; defenders incredibly motivated and coordinated even though they didn’t understand each other. The siege of 1711 is the beginning of a historic milestone, the one of the only military square never defeated by the troops of Felip V.

During 34 days, Cardona became the stage
to an international war, where 15,000 soldiers
of 12 different nationalities fought
for each other or against each other.